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Our Promises


Aurora offers a great value service at a fraction of the price of its competitors. Advertising does not have to be expensive.

Historically, advertising agencies and online business directories have been expensive and offer nothing more than a listing in a business directory. Aurora intends to break that mold by offering advertising and networking opportunities and business tools for businesses of all sizes at highly competitive fixed prices.

An easy to use, great value for money advertising platform with no hidden charges or complex ambiguous credit systems.


Aurora actively promotes a culture whereby high levels of customer service and excellence within the event and entertainment industry’s supply chains is always expected, encouraged, promoted and rewarded.

Integrity and great service is important to Aurora Event Services and we will always do our best to ensure the service levels we offer you are exceptional and exceed your expectations. We will also actively encourage all goods and services suppliers who advertise on our platform to offer high levels of service and integrity to their clients.

We offer suppliers the opportunity to increase their company profile and directory search results position through our ACES programme. ACES is a performance driven initiative which tells your potential customers that you have demonstrated to Aurora that your business is well managed, meets all its legal obligations and has satisfied customers.

As part of our terms and conditions, Aurora also reserves the right to suspend or cancel memberships and remove both suppliers and events from our digital platforms if their customer service levels falls below what Aurora deems an unacceptable level of service for the Aurora platform. We only want to offer customers searching our directory the very best!!!

Simply put… Customers who visit the Aurora Platform can be confident that both Aurora and it members offer the highest levels of customer service standards and we will never put their profits above their professionalism and the customers expectations.


The Aurora Youth Project is a scheme that is in its infancy but close to the heart of our Directors and aims to support Arts, Music, Entertainment and Sports projects for young people.

Working in partnership with both local and national authorities, charities and youth organisations, The Aurora Youth Project aims to give financial support and resources to youth projects across the country to help support young people looking to pursue careers in the Arts, Music, Entertainment and Sports industries.